Christ Church

We reached our 50th Anniversary in 2020.

The foundation stone on the left of the main entrance tells us that it was laid on 31st October 1970 by Archie Deavin and Neil Smith. The first joint secretaries of the new church and former secretaries of the London Road and Baddow Road churches respectively.

A Forward Planning Committee was set up in 1974 who’s purpose was:-

"Through work and worship at all times to enable the world to respond sensitively to the continuing activity, presence and concern of God in Christ with his creation man."

It is good and appropriate to give thanks to God for the faithful leaders and servants who have pastored Christ Church over the years.

Rev A.E. Gould,   Rev Hugh W. Theobald,   Rev A. E. Gould,   Kate M. Chegwin,   Rev David Dale,   Rev Albert F. Bayly,
Rev Eileen D. Seymour,   Rev Jean S. Wilkinson,   Rev Geoffrey H. Roper,   Rev Glyn Millington, Rev John A. Cox and Rev Paul Stein.

Howe Green

Howe Green is a small church in a small ‘hamlet’ which in turn is part of Sandon village. It was originally  a Congregational Church and the building dates from 1873. For many years it was supported by Christ Church (previously London Road Church), and was part of the Chelmsford Group of Churches when that was formed, and changed, over the past 40 years.

The congregation has recently reduced considerably, losing some older members and not recruiting enough  new ones, and could be said to be unworkable. However the people left are still wanting to stay together and maintain a presence as it is the only Church in the area; the larger part of Sandon village has the Parish Church of St Andrews.

The building of course is also of great importance because it is the only place where the community can meet - from being the place for the Parish Council to convene,  the polling station for all voting, national and local, or just having a place where residents can gather for coffee, tea or lunch events (which we are continuing to arrange). It is used by the Community Association when they need to display or collect information and views on what is happening around us.

Over the past year we have changed the pattern of worship, and now meet only once a month usually in the afternoon, and mostly as ‘Café Church’. Since we have been linked with Christ Church and Great Baddow URC we attend one of those Churches on the Sundays when we do not have anything on at Howe Green.  This means that we miss our visits to Danbury URC but we still maintain the fellowship we had, and join together for some events. We have worked more closely with St. Andrews in Sandon taking part in some of their events, and they come and support us.

We now look forward to see what the future has in store.