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I cannot believe how fast time goes by. It was just the other day it felt that I was writing about Advent and Christmas and how we were preparing for that. Now here I am writing about Easter. When we think about Easter, I wonder what images you conjure up.
For some children I guess it is about Easter eggs. This reminded me of something. My brother shared a post on Facebook, from Dads are Great, recently which says; My kids can pick up 3000 eggs in a yard the size of a football field in 5 minutes… but it takes them 3 months to pick up 5 toys from their small bedroom!I always loved seeing the expression on my children’s face as they found their eggs in the morning.
I remember when I was younger the ‘Easter Bunny’ did such a good job of hiding our eggs, while we were playing cricket in our front garden that, several weeks later, we found an Easter egg in the bushes while fetching a ball.
The laughter and surprise on our face was priceless.
Very often I wonder about the contrasts of the those few days for the followers of Jesus. How their lives were shattered on good Friday as they helplessly walked with, and watched Jesus being beaten and crucified. The void and anguish they must have experienced on the Saturday, knowing their best friend and son is no longer with them.
That moment of confusion and bewilderment as Mary Magdalene and Peter arrived at the tomb to see the stone rolled away. And then the surprise mixed with confusion as Jesus reveals himself to Mary, and afterwards to the disciples.

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