Church Secretary
Susan Fleming

I was born and brought up in Hackney, East London and I moved to Chelmsford 10 years ago. Growing up in Hackney my parents kept us busy; my sister and I were in St Johns Ambulance, Girls Brigade and a youth orchestra. We went to Claremont URC regularly where mum and dad both led services, dad played the organ and was the treasurer at this church and others.

I graduated as a teacher in 2000 and have been working in infants and nursery ever since.

Steve and I got married in 2002 and Holly came along in 2011.

I love watching films, dancing and reading. Holly keeps me busy and makes me explore new places.

Premises Manager
Richard Jones

Born in Chelmsford but raised from early childhood abroad it wasn't until Secondary School that I became settled in the UK at an Essex boarding school - in Surrey!! Later attending KEGS in Chelmsford. This was all a prelim for something I had, since childhood, wanted to do - become a Policeman. Joining the Essex Constabulary in 1978 (just in time for the 'miners strike') and serving virtually throughout the County I retired after 30 years and having placed many and varied hats on my head - long enough I can promise you.

There followed a long career break before agreeing to 'help out' here at Christ Church - and here I am 4 years later, still helping.

Married and with three children my hobbies include DIY, movies, music and cycling.